Property Managers

Ask yourself these important questions:

  1. Could your tenants be breathing in toxic Mold spores and unaware of it?
  2. Are they claiming a sickness due to possible mold infestation?
  3. Could there be a major lawsuit being considered against your owner and your company?
  4. Your maintenance crew cleans the mold, but it returns because it is embedded in the walls.

Some typical causes of mold in occupied units are:

  • Condensation on toilet tanks causes mold on the wall behind the toilet.
  • Excessive cooking without using a exhaust fan causes mold on windowsills from condensation.
  • Not using a bathroom exhaust fan after showering causes mold on walls and ceiling.
  • Plumbing leaks under kitchen and bathroom sinks causes areas to become moldy.
  • Flashing and caulking around windows that have failed.
  • Siding that has failed can cause mold to come right through to the interior walls.

A Dr. Mold Certified Inspector can conduct a thorough inspection for mold in a unit on a 24 hour notice. He can inspect for leaks, water intrusion, any signs of mold that may cause problems down the line—and you receive a complete, concise report along with laboratory analysis†.  We offer special pricing to property managers. There are additional discounts available for continuing contracts.

† When samples are taken


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