Neighborhood Environmental Reports

newservice2Dear friends,
We would like to introduce you to EDR (Environmental Data Resources Inc.). We have teamed up with EDR to not only serve the real estate market, agents, brokers, mortgage brokers etc., but to also serve the individual who feels they have a question about the land surrounding their property. As you look through these brochures please keep in mind that now Dr. Mold Certified Mold Inspection Company cannot only inspect inside your home or property for all types of Mold, but now we can give you a full report on the exterior covering six acres to one half mile around your property. This report covers:

  • Meth labs
  • Superfund sites
  • Leaking underground tanks
  • Landfills
  • Toxic waste sites and other environmental hazards

Remember this report is not only for real estate agents, but for anyone who is concerned about their health.
All homes that are bought or sold should have a mold inspection and an environmental report.