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We all know that mold can be a serious problem in the Northwest. It only takes 24 hours to start growing.  It finds its way into new homes as well as old. Roof leaks, window leaks, or plumbing leaks can cause serious problems for the homeowner.  Call Dr. Mold for a Certified Mold Inspection. Keep your home owner’s new castle free from mold infestations, and your company free from problems.


When you hand the new owner the keys,

hand them a certificate showing that the home is Mold Free.


We Are Available for Warranty Work at 1 year


 We Offer Special Discounts for

Continuing Contracts!



A Dr. Mold Certified Inspector can conduct a thorough inspection for mold in a unit on a 24 hour notice. We check attics, crawl spaces, under sinks, in closets, walls, floors or anywhere for water intrusion and mold, or mildew, and recommend repairs. Don’t wait until the Mold becomes a problem.

Call Dr. Mold for a Certified Inspection.

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Let us CERTIFY that the new home is MOLD FREE!