Do you have a concern about indoor mold exposure or are in question about a possible mold colonization problem? Dr. Mold certified mold inspection professionals are equipped and available to evaluate and assess your individual conditions. Our certified toxic mold inspectors can conduct mold sampling and testing to give you comparative baseline analysis.

These questions are usually posed to us with a variety of emotional overtones — panic, horror, anguish, fear, shame and even anger. These are not uncommon feelings encountered by anyone suddenly confronted with an “ominous unknown”.

Dr. Mold Inspections fully understands the dilemma of those concerned about exposure to mold. Our initial purpose is to provide the answers to questions that address the specifics of each client’s situation in order to bring calm and stability in their “crisis”. Once we have the opportunity to explain the dynamics of their particular mold condition, a client is better able to make rational and informed decisions regarding the remedy and control of the circumstances at hand — and this can equate to improved quality of health and minimized costs of mold clean-up.

Given the fact that all mold situations are different, the above questions can only be generically answered. None-the-less, the answers below provide an excellent overview and a baseline understanding of indoor mold conditions and problems.